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Quality Roof Cleaning Services in Colfax, NC

Roof cleaning in Colfax, NC, extends the life of your roof by removing harmful contaminants. As an ancillary benefit, it also improves curb appeal immediately and enhances your property’s value. 

You can rely on Diamond Pro Wash to bring out the best in your roof. We use a gentle soft washing process that removes grime and organic growth without damaging the underlying surface.  

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Is It Worth It to Have Your Roof Cleaned in Colfax, NC

It is if you hire reputable roof cleaning professionals who use gentle cleaning methods. Roof washing is more than merely a cosmetic procedure. It removes dirt that might contain corrosive elements. More importantly, perhaps, it stops algae and moss in their tracks.  

By rinsing away these damaging elements, roof cleaning in Colfax, NC, extends the roof’s lifespan.

Why Choose Diamond Pro Wash?

We’re the area’s leading team because of our: 

Benefits of Roof Cleaning in Colfax, NC

There are several reasons for an annual roof cleaning in Colfax, NC, including, but not limited to, the following:

Improves your property’s appeal and its value.

Stops damage from moss, algae, and dirt from getting worse.

Helps to save you time and money on repairs by preventing roof degradation.

Removes harmful allergens and pathogens from the roof, making your property healthier.

Our Soft Wash Roof Process

We don’t believe in pressure washing your roof because it’s a potentially harmful technique. While it’s useful for other areas of your property, like the driveway, it’s too harsh for your roofing.  

It’s also unnecessary because we use the more effective soft washing technique. With this process, we apply a cleaning agent that lifts dirt and kills moss and algae. It then rinses away easily.  

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Colfax, NC?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $381 to $1060 for annual roof cleaning in Colfax, NC. That’s quite a wide range because there are many factors to consider. We need to work out how complex the job is based on the roof’s size, height, design, and slant. 

About Colfax, NC

Colfax is a small town in Guilford County with 4,136 residents. It’s a quiet area that’s about 20 minutes outside of Greensboro. So you have the relaxed pace of small-town living with the hustle and bustle of the big city not far away. 

The town has a storied past and features a few historic buildings. The Col. Isaac Beeson House, built in 1790, is a beautiful Federal design home. The Shaw-Cude House is another property from about the same era. The original dwelling was made from logs, but the owners added a brick extension in 1809. 

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