Awning Cleaning in Greensboro, NC

Commercial facilities cover large areas and include several surfaces that require consistent service or cleaning. Awnings provide shade for customers, protect employees, and often face horrible weather conditions. Awning cleaning is a useful way to keep the facility in good condition and avoid the buildup of bacteria, debris, and odors.

You never want to approach your building and see a stained awning with pests or rodents nipping at the fabric. The mechanism for your awning might stop working if it hasn’t been cleaned properly, and the overall appearance of the property suffers as a result.

Instead of asking your maintenance crew to clean the awnings, Diamond Pro Wash can do it for you. We use advanced technology and modern techniques to ensure your complete satisfaction.

With clean awnings, you can see the building’s potential, bring it back to life, and increase its value.
Awning Cleaning Greensboro NC

Why Do You Need Commercial Awning Cleaning?

Commercial awning cleaning provides a routine service that maintains the beauty of the property. Your business looks inviting and attractive when customers see the awnings from afar, and you can preserve the color of the fabric along with its contrast against the facility’s siding.

You often cannot reach the awnings around your property because they are too tall and wide. You may not have the necessary tools, and you cannot guarantee the awnings will remain clean. You save time and money using our services.

Awning cleaning refreshes the building quickly, and it also reveals any damage that you might need to repair. 

We can also clean your awnings in advance of major events or add this service to other pressure washing services we offer.

Awning Cleaning Greensboro NC

Why Hire a Professional Awning Cleaner?

Hiring a professional awning cleaner gives you a full service that no one else can provide. We unfurl the awning completely, check the fabric, and inspect the mechanism. We also clean the cover to ensure it looks nice after you close
the awning.

Our trustworthy and insured team completes a full inspection and explains any issues we uncover. We also offer warranty options to give you peace of mind and extra support that other companies do not provide.

Cleaning mold and mildew from the awnings make your facility a healthy place to work or live. We also remove dirt, dust, and bird droppings from acrylic, polyester, cotton, vinyl, and laminated awnings.

We use the softest water pressure to keep your awnings clean and prevent damage. We complete the cleaning process with soft bristle brushes when the fabric is particularly delicate. We also seal the awning to help it retain its color over time.

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At Diamond Pro Wash, we provide commercial awning cleaning for any facility at any time. Call us today at 336-891-2249 or email for a free inspection and quote. We also offer emergency services upon request. Reach out to our Diamond Pro Wash team for any of our services in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and the Piedmont Triad region.

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