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    Diamond Pro Wash Inc is a pressure washing company based in Greensboro NC. We offer professional pressure washing services throughout the Piedmont Triad to help maintain the cleanliness of the community to include your home or commercial property. Having received professional industry training, all of our technicians have the skills to solve your unique exterior cleaning needs. Being equipped with the latest equipment allow us to always produce a diamond quality standard each and every time. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and can’t wait to make your property sparkle! Contact us today for a free quote!
    Pressure Washing Greensboro, NC

    Our Main Services

    Learn more about the main pressure washing services we offer
    Greensboro residents.

    House Washing

    Eliminate the dirt, algae, and grime that has accumulated on your home with our house washing services.

    Roof Cleaning

    Our soft washing process will remove those pesky black streaks on your roof caused by algae and moss without ANY damage to your roof.

    Concrete Cleaning

    We utilize safe pressure to remove the stubborn dirt and grime on ANY of your concrete surfaces.

    Exterior Window Cleaning

    Enjoy more sun light and lower energy bills by investing in our window cleaning services.

    Residential Pressure Washing Services

    House Washing Greensboro NC

    Like painting or landscaping, residential pressure washing offers an amazing return on investment. Hiring an expert like Diamond Pro Wash to clean your property’s exterior surfaces keeps dirt and grime from eating away at the various surfaces. It also instantly boosts the property’s curb appeal.

    So, why not consider protecting your home’s surfaces with our top-notch residential pressure washing services? Our comprehensive solutions cover just about every aspect of your home’s exterior to keep your property looking its best, including the following residential pressure washing services:

    House Washing
    Roof Cleaning
    Driveway Cleaning
    Window Cleaning
    Gutter Cleaning
    Deck and Patio Cleaning
    Fence Washing
    Pool Deck Cleaning

    You’ll love how clean your home looks as our superior quality services increase your property’s value to neighbors and potential buyers alike. So, whether you’re after a chance or planning to sell, contact us to schedule pressure washing today!

    House Washing Greensboro NC
    Pressure Washing Greensboro NC

    Commercial Pressure Washing Services

    Pressure Washing Greensboro NC

    Running a successful business requires you to make a good first impression. You want to make sure everything, from your sidewalks to your gutters, draws potential clients into your premises. A clean and attractive exterior makes that easy, and that’s where our Greensboro pressure-washing team comes in.

    As trusted North Carolina service providers, our competent crew offers first-rate commercial pressure washing services. We know how to safely and effectively handle an industrial-grade pressure washer to clean every surface of your business’s exterior. Trust us for the following services and more:  

    Building washing
    HOA cleaning
    Apartment cleaning
    Storefront cleaning
    Drive-Thru cleaning
    Parking lot and garage cleaning
    Awning cleaning
    Dumpster pad cleaning
    Tennis court cleaning

    We’ve completed jobs for various types of buildings in diverse industries. So, whether you need exterior cleaning for your office, storefront, restaurant, or apartment complex, Diamond Pro Wash can help—contact us for commercial pressure washing in Greensboro, NC, today!

    What our customers are saying

    We had some tar stains from a roofing job and Richard was able to take care of us promptly while providing great costumer service👍
    Roof Xpress
    Roof Xpress
    We have a 3 story walk out and house hasn’t been washed since we bought it 15 years ago, who knows if ever. There is no way the top gutters could get clean, right? Well, everything got clean and now the house has a ‘pop’ to it. Thanks!!!
    Chris Kisor
    Chris Kisor
    Richard provided the utmost professional, kind, and courteous service before, during and after pressure washing the entire outside of my home. The siding and everything looks brand new! The cost was right within my budget! I will definitely use Diamond again in the future and recommend Richard/ Diamond to anyone I know that needs a sparkling house again! Great job Richard !
    Melanie Green
    Melanie Green
    My 50 year old house looks brand new. I’m really happy with the results and communication. Excellent job
    Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson
    Richard at Diamond Pro did such a great job getting our property washed. It had been a few years since we had it done, and it was in pretty bad shape. Looked great when he was done. Scheduling was seamless and done electronically. He arrived on time and was super professional.
    Adria Smith
    Adria Smith
    Richard did a WONDERFUL JOB! My deck and rails, rugs and everything pollen covered…looks NEW!!He was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. I will definitely use Diamond Pro again!!
    Debbie Gravlee
    Debbie Gravlee
    Excellent service at a fair price. Definitely recommend
    Justin Slack
    Justin Slack

    Hire A Professional Today And Let Diamond Pro Wash Safely And Affordably Clean
    Your Property!

    Diamond Will
    Make it SPARKLE

    Diamond Will
    Make it SPARKLE

    Diamond Pro Wash Inc is Greensboro’s premier professional pressure washing company. We understand the importance of maintaining your home’s exterior; after all, the cleanliness of your exteriors directly impacts curb appeal. Furthermore, if dirt and debris on the façade of the home are ignored and left untreated, the dirt and grime can eat away at your property. Over time, this can significantly shorten the lifespan and curb appeal of your home. At Diamond Pro Wash Inc., we are invested in beautifying the community of Greensboro, NC- including your home, too!

    Pressure Washing Greensboro NC Pressure Washing Greensboro NC

    Why Choose
    Diamond Pro Wash

    Here is why various Greensboro residents choose us for their exterior cleaning needs:

    Benefits of Pressure Washing in Greensboro NC

    Pressure washing has many benefits that you simply can’t ignore. Planning to sell your home anytime soon? There are distinct advantages of pressure washing your home, driveway, and other surfaces to enhance curb appeal and attract prospective buyers. Thinking about entertaining at your home and property? Particularly now, many consumers are choosing to stay home and invite friends and family over; make sure that your home looks its very-best and be prepared with a clean house.

    Remember that a clean home and façade will provide a sense of security, too, during times when cleanliness and sanitization are key. Pressure washing can also remove stubborn stains, grease, oil, gum, or other substances from surfaces that could be an eye sore or safety hazard.

    Refresh and restore your home with the professional services of Diamond Pro Wash; Did you know that pressure washing boosts the curb appeal of your home or commercial property? It’s true. You will never gain a second chance to make a favorable first impression on prospective buyers or potential clients. Make sure that your house is up to par with regular pressure washing service provision in Greensboro.

    Want a way to enhance and improve the value of your property? Whether residential or commercial, pressure washing a property can increase its value. First, it extends the life and condition of your building by removing pollutants and contaminants, and second, it brings attention to potential issues that could cause damage later if left undetected. Talk to the team at Diamond Pro Wash to learn more about pressure washing services for your property today!

    Who doesn’t want to save money? Want to learn how? It is simple: take care of your property now and save money on damages and repairs later. Having a home or commercial property pressure-washed removes substances that could be concealing issues that impact the integrity of your home. Diamond Pro Wash provide pressure washing services that can save you money from costly maintenance while preserving the condition of your property and protecting your investment.

    Is there anything more important than your family’s health? It is imperative to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for everyone- family, friends, neighbors- that promotes health rather than potentially causing illness, injury, or disease. Regular professional pressure washing is a great first step toward maintaining a cleaner, healthier environment for all. The team at Diamond Pro Wash is dedicated to their customer base, offering a wide range of pressure washing services and schedules to accommodate you, and that strive to protect your loved ones’ wellbeing by getting rid of germs and mold that can cause sickness.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The average cost to pressure wash a home will vary based on several factors, such as the size of your property, the time of year, and the company you hire. Pressure washing companies will charge for their services hourly or by square footage. However, most estimates usually focus on the price per square foot, which changes with the surface material that requires pressure cleaning. 

    If you would like to know more about scheduling top-notch pressure washing in Greensboro, NC, why not contact Diamond Pro Wash?

    Soft washing does not use high pressure. Experts like Diamond Pro Wash will use this technique with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deliver exceptional results without damaging more delicate surfaces.

    How does it work? The cleaning solution loosens the dirt and effectively kills mold, moss, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Then, the very low-pressure rinse washes away all the debris.

    A major upside of this technique is that you can achieve a longer-lasting clean. And soft washing works beautifully for the following fragile exterior surfaces:  

    • Windows  
    • Roof shingles  
    • Glass doors  
    • Stucco  
    • Vinyl siding  
    • Wood panel siding  

    Pressure washing uses higher water pressure to clean tough exterior surfaces, whereas soft washing uses cleaning solutions and water at low pressure (like using a garden hose). 

    A professional pressure washer can eradicate dirt, mold, gum, and even graffiti from hard surfaces, such as concrete decks, sidewalks, and driveways. Companies may distinguish power washing as using heated water, but it depends on your service provider.

    Soft washing cleans more delicate exterior surfaces gently with solutions of water, surfactant, or even bleach. It addresses mold, fungi, and other microorganisms effectively.

    Besides spotless exterior surfaces, pressure washing offers the following benefits:  

    • Prevents damage: Removes buildup that stains and damages various surfaces.  
    • Saves money: Costs less than potential surface repairs later.
    • Primes surfaces: Prepares various surfaces for painting or refinishing.  
    • Saves time: Makes your property look as good as new in a short time.  
    • Reveals repair issues: Alerts you to hidden damage so that you can plan for repairs.
    • Increases curb appeal: Gives your property an instant facelift.  
    • Creates a healthy environment: Prevents allergen buildups that compromise your family’s health or your employees on-site.

    Pressure washing companies recommend at least an annual pressure washing, but the following factors could mean you need to schedule sessions more often:  

    • Location: Proximity to trees, industrial areas, dust, or construction requires more cleaning.
    • Climate: Coastal, humid regions require more frequent cleaning than drier regions.
    • Pollution: Areas with higher pollution levels require regular cleaning to prevent permanent damage.
    • Materials: Different building materials need varying levels of care and attention.  

    Feel free to contact Diamond Pro Wash for more information or go ahead and schedule pressure washing in Greensboro, NC.

    The right pressure washing companies will provide the services you need at a price you can afford. If you want to locate the perfect local team for your needs and budget, why not start by seeking referrals from friends and family or a local realtor? You’ll also want to check out online reviews, company listings, and online service directories. 

    Shortlist a few candidates, check their credentials (license, insurance cover, etc.) to provide pressure washing services, and remember to ask for a detailed quote. Also, thoroughly review the contract before committing.  

    Most power-washing companies will recommend at least an annual pressure-washing visit in the spring or fall, usually between March and November.  

    Greensboro’s mild spring weather means the professionals won’t have to worry about water evaporating too quickly on surfaces (or freezing). A spring power wash also allows the team to remove the dirt that has built up over winter to prepare for the warmer months ahead.

    Similarly, power washing in the fall will remove all the leaves, pollen, and other unwanted debris before winter arrives.

    Greensboro’s climate, proximity to industrial areas, and other factors expose your home exterior to all types of substances. However, the most common reasons for pressure washing services in Greensboro, North Carolina, include the following:

    • Dirt or mud
    • Grime
    • Oil  
    • Mold  
    • Rust  
    • Paint  

    Has your property been defaced by graffiti? Do other surfaces need an instant facelift? Local pressure washing experts like Diamond Pro Wash can restore your property to its former glory with pressure washing in Greensboro, NC.  

    Pressure washers have impressive cleaning abilities. However, not all materials take well to pressurized water. More delicate surfaces, such as asphalt roof shingles, will need a soft-washing technique to clean the surface with minimal risk of damage.   

    Nonetheless, you can pressure wash the following surfaces safely:  

    • Concrete surfaces (including driveways, patios, and walkways)  
    • Garbage cans  
    • Patio pavers  
    • Outdoor furniture  
    • Grills  

    Regardless of the material, it’s important to exercise caution. Different materials handle varying levels of pressure, so consider hiring an expert like Diamond Pro Wash who understands when to adjust the pressure levels.  

    Licensing and insurance often serve as indicators of a company’s commitment to professionalism and quality. That’s why, like any reputable pressure washing company, the Diamond Pro Wash team is fully insured and licensed to provide comprehensive pressure washing services in Greensboro. 

    Besides meeting the highest standards set by the licensing body, our Greensboro crew has the requisite training and experience to safely pressure wash surfaces throughout your property. Our insurance coverage also means our customers have protection against financial liabilities in the unlikely event of an accident and damage cover on the job.

    Taking care of your property’s exterior surfaces is a continuous process. The following tips will help you keep your property looking as good as new after a soft washing or power washing appointment:  

    • Maintain roof shingles and siding by cleaning out debris and pests regularly
    • Clear the window wells and gutters regularly
    • Trim back vegetation each fall
    • Touch up exterior paint  
    • Maintain a pressure cleaning schedule  
    • Stay alert for slow or clogged drains  
    • Check for signs of infestations
    • Inspect the walkways for damage
    • Eradicate mosquito pools  

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