Pool Deck Cleaning in Greensboro, NC

Swimming pools in Greensboro, NC, are typically only used for half of the year, so it is no surprise that the surrounding area often ends up dirty and neglected. To make your pool ready for warm-weather activities, call us at Diamond Pro Wash to thoroughly clean your pool deck.

Pool Deck Cleaning Greensboro NC

Why You Should Keep Your Pool Deck Clean

The most obvious reason to clean your pool deck is to make it beautiful and inviting. Even if the water itself is clear and pristine, guests will hesitate to use your pool if the surrounding area is filthy. 

In addition to boosting your house’s curb appeal, regular washing and maintenance will prevent hazards to your property and your health. Excess standing water promotes the growth of mold and bacteria that cause diseases in people and animals. These colonies will remain even if you temporarily remove the puddles.

Algae and similar bacteria also create slippery surfaces around your pool. Cleaning up water will only remove some of the slick areas on your pool deck, creating an unsafe environment. These elements also corrode your pool deck if left to their own devices. Once it is eroded, only replacing the entire deck will restore this surface.

When you schedule professional cleaning services with Diamond Pro Wash, we can eliminate all debris and microbes. To keep your pool area safe and attractive, make sure to call for routine cleanings.

The Professional Cleaning Process

To effectively clean your pool deck, our professionals use a process developed with years of experience and industry knowledge. When your cleaners arrive, you can expect them to take the following steps:

High-Quality Equipment

To properly clean your pool deck without damaging your property, our experts rely on the best equipment in the industry. Our powerful pressure washer operates at lower pressures that let it clean the surface of your concrete without damaging it. 

Instead of relying on high pressure to do most of the work, our technicians use special cleaning agents to clear away even the toughest grime and bacteria

Our commercial-grade cleaning products are practical and eco-friendly and lack any toxic chemicals. We also use wastewater recovery systems to adhere to EPA regulations such as the Clean Water Act.

Keep your pool stylish and functional for the summer by calling us at Diamond Pro Wash. Our power washing services in Greensboro NC are quick and effective, letting you enjoy more time in the sun.

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