About Us

I’m Richard Hawk, the Owner and Operator of Diamond Pro Wash. At one point in my career, I sat in an office that was not my own, doing tasks I was assigned and not knowing if I was truly making a difference. More importantly, were these things benefitting my awesome community?

I wanted more, for myself and my family.

I wanted something of my own and to create business relationships that were genuine and not just contractual. I wanted to know I was making a difference…so after 15 years in Corporate America I decided to step out, take the jump and create this company!


Diamond Pro Wash began helping family, then friends, and slowly spread to actual paying customers. Now it has transformed into paying customers truly becoming friends, with thousands of properties with increased curb appeal, and a higher market value. I can see the change, I can feel the difference.

Diamond Pro Wash offers personal, professional exterior cleaning services to residential and commercial clients throughout the whole Piedmont Triad, 336 area. We offer a customized, personal service experience based on professional recommendations and specific needs of each property. We only use the national industry standard practices and continue to receive ongoing professional training so we can make your experience the best yet. Each customer receives customized and itemized estimates, detailing the application processes for their specific property. We are committed to delivering the absolute best customer satisfaction driven experience you’ve had and we would be honored to help you or your business.


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