Preparing Your Home For Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Greensboro NC

Pressure washing is a great way to increase curb appeal and remove unsightly pollutants like mold and rust from your home’s exterior. Diamond Pro Wash provides a professional pressure washing service to clean delicate surfaces without causing any damage. After you schedule service with us, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for exterior pressure washing.

Remove Obstacles and Fragile Items

Pressure washing is an efficient way to thoroughly remove dirt from surfaces that are strong enough to withstand the stream of highly pressurized water. Before the pressure washing technician arrives, remove anything that could be a tripping hazard or that could become damaged by pressure washing.

Move hanging plants and flower pots away from the area to avoid damage. Move patio furniture and decorative items away from your home to keep them from getting dirty or broken. Clearing the area ensures nothing gets in the way of the deep cleaning process and prevents the technician from getting injured during service.

Seal Any Weak Points

Water will come in anywhere that doesn’t have a water-tight seal. Look around your door frame from inside your home. If you can see light coming in, that area will also allow water to come in. Weatherstripping can help keep water out.

Make sure all your windows are completely closed. If any areas don’t have a tight seal, use a towel to keep the area dry during service.

If you know of any weak spots on the exterior of your home, let the technician know so they can gently treat the area and avoid damage.

Check Your Roof

Pressure washing is a great option for roof cleaning as long as your roof is in good shape. Make sure there are no bare spots on your roof. Cleaning a roof with missing shingles could create a water leak inside your attic, resulting in structural damage and mold infestation.

Cover Outdoor Electrical Outlets

Pressure washing can unintentionally shoot water into exposed electrical outlets. Prevent electrical damage by protecting your outdoor outlets.

Unplug and remove any extension cords. Make sure each outlet is protected by a weather-resistant cover. Switch off the power to your outdoor outlets by turning off the correct breaker.

Secure Pets and Small Children

Make sure your pets are inside or secured away from the service area. If they dash in front of the pressure washer, they could get hurt by the water stream.

Small children playing outside during service may not pay attention to what’s going on. They could get in the way and end up getting injured. Make sure they are in a safe location during the pressure washing service.

Professional Pressure Washing Service

You don’t have to be a home improvement expert to know when it’s time to schedule professional pressure washing. Diamond Pro Wash in Greensboro, NC, provides a thorough pressure washing service without causing any exterior damage. Call 336-891-2249 and get a free estimate from our expert team.

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