Seven Things Never to Do When Pressure Washing Your Home

Pressure Washing Greensboro NC

Pressure washing home might seem easy. After all, you only need to rent or buy a pressure washing machine and get to work, right?

Unfortunately, this is far from true. Pressure washers are extremely powerful machines that, without proper care, can leave your home in ruin.

When it comes to pressure washing, the safest thing to do is hire a professional. However, if you insist on handling the work yourself, here are seven things you should avoid doing.

1. Ignoring Your Safety

With DIY pressure washing, your safety is vital. As such, always remember to:

  • Wear your protective gear
  • Remove items that the pressure washer could damage
  • Pay close attention to your surroundings
  • Strictly follow your washer’s user guide

2. Ignoring Electrical Hazards

Water and electricity don’t go well together. Therefore, ensure that you properly seal electrical boxes and take care of any loose connections you find on the side of your home.

3. Using Too Much Pressure

Understandably, the word “pressure” might make one believe that pressure washing simply entails blasting dirt and debris away with pressurized water. However, this is not the case. In fact, using excessive pressure can damage your home’s siding and may not be ideal for roof cleaning.

Instead, start with the lowest pressure setting. If this proves insufficient, you can then gradually increase the level.

4. Using Plain Water

Pressure washing involves using more than plain water. Adding a suitable cleaning solution will help you make the process quicker and more effective.

5. Focusing on Smaller Areas First

When you start cleaning, don’t immediately focus on a smaller area. Begin with wide, even strokes that cover a larger surface area. This approach allows you to get the pressure level right before focusing on tight spaces.

6. Cleaning Your Windows First

Many homeowners tend to clean their windows first. However, once they move on to the siding, soap, and grime trickle down to the windows, dirtying them all over again.

Unless you want to double your work, it’s always best to save your windows for last.

7. Blasting the Stream of Water Directly into Corners

Avoid blasting a pressurized stream of water directly into tight spaces like corners. Doing so will direct the water back at you and could cause personal injury. It can also dislodge a piece of debris, leaving your siding with chips and dents.

To be on the safe side, wash each side of the corner separately. Remember to use slow, even strokes.

Professional Pressure Washing Services in Greensboro, NC

As helpful as this guide might be, opting for professional pressure washing is still the best way to go. Entrusting the cleaning to a trained technician is the only way to guarantee your safety. If that wasn’t enough, it also helps you achieve the quality results every homeowner desires.

Are you looking for a pressure washing company in your area that promises great service all the time? Speak with us today.

Call Diamond Pro Wash at 336-891-2249 for high-quality pressure washing.

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