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Quality Roof Cleaning Services in Winston-Salem

Diamond Pro Wash offers outstanding roof cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC. Our team makes your property sparkle using eco-friendly cleaners and a gentle soft washing technique. We combine extensive industry experience, the latest techniques, and a commitment to top-notch service to produce fantastic results. 

roof cleaning winston salem nc

Is It Worth It To Have Your Roof Cleaned?

Smog, moss, dirt, algae, and mold all take their toll on your roof. We remove all of these elements to limit how much they can damage the surface. With us, you’re getting more than a simple roof stain removal; your extending your roof’s lifespan. 

Benefits of Roof Cleaning

Better curb appeal, which translates into a higher property value

A limit to how much damage smog, algae, and other elements can cause

A longer roof lifespan, which also improves your property value

Less time, money, and effort for you to maintain your roof

Better health for the inhabitants as we rinse away allergens and pathogens.

Our Soft Wash Roof Process

Roof pressure washing is an older and somewhat outdated technique because there’s a high chance of damaging your roof. That’s why we use a cleaning agent rather than water pressure to lift dirt. 

We simply apply the solution and let it dissolve the dirt and kill algae or other plant growth. The primary benefit here is how customizable the formula is. We get better results than with high-pressure settings. 

Why Choose Diamond Pro Wash?

Why choose us for roof cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC? We offer you: 

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About Winston-Salem, NC

Winston-Salem is in Forsyth County and houses 249,545 residents. 

To see what the city was like a few centuries ago, you can visit the Old Salem Historic District. The C. Winkler Bakery dates back to the 1800s and is an excellent example of a building built of undressed stone and homemade brickwork. All the buildings are a testament to the Moravian builders from the time, and the area now serves as a living history museum. 

Want something a little more modern? Winston-Salem has many fine dining and retail opportunities. The West End and Downtown areas are great places to find entertainment.  

How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost in Winston-Salem?

You can expect to pay between $381 and $800 for roof cleaning in Winston-Salem. The actual cost depends on factors such as your roof’s condition, design, and size. The more complex the design, the higher the cost. This is why we visit your property before giving you a final price. 

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Diamond Pro Wash is your leading team for soft-washing roof cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (336) 891-2249 for your free estimate today!

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