Questions To Ask Power Washing Companies

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Property owners have plenty of power washing companies to choose from. However, now is the right time to pressure wash your home, and not every company can offer the level of service you desire and deserve.

Fortunately, by interviewing each option and asking the right questions, you can pick a company whose service will meet or exceed your expectations.

Below we list five essential questions to ask power-washing companies


Are Your Technicians Certified?

Pressure washing machines comprise complex and powerful components. As such, ensuring the company’s technicians have the training and certifications needed to operate them safely proves vital.

The Power Washers of North America (PWNA) is an organization that certifies professional power washing companies and technicians. To acquire this certification, technicians must undergo rigorous training on how to effectively clean surfaces without damaging them.

Is Your Company Insured?

While working with a certified company lowers the risk of property damage, accidents can still occur. Therefore, verify that the company carries comprehensive and current insurance. A professional power washing company will take all the necessary steps to protect your property from damage.

You should also ask if the company has workers’ compensation to ensure you will not be responsible for the injuries their technicians might sustain.

What Is Your Cleaning Process?

A company’s cleaning process will determine the quality of results their service can achieve. Contrary to popular opinion, the key to good power washing doesn’t include high pressure.

In fact, when looking for power washing companies, property owners should avoid companies that only use high pressure over the entire property. Instead, pick companies that vary the pressure they use depending on the surface that needs cleaning.

Do You Offer Any Satisfaction Guarantees?

Confidence breeds confidence. Companies that care about the services and results they deliver will have no problem offering you a satisfaction guarantee.

Ensure that you inquire about what to expect from the service. Are they punctual, professional, and respectful? Do they follow up with their clients after the service appointment?

Also, don’t be afraid to ask what happens if you are unhappy with the service. Will you get your money back, or will the company offer additional services at no extra cost?

Can I See Some of Your Past Work?

Understandably, it is difficult to entrust a company you have never heard of with a job you have never seen them do. As such, ensure you ask a company to provide you with before and after photos of their past work.

A power washing company that proudly backs its services will be more than happy to provide you with images and referrals.

Professional Power Washing in Greensboro, NC

Though finding the right power washing company can be challenging, asking these questions can help streamline the process.

At Diamond Pro Wash, we do not view these questions as intrusive. Instead, we see them as an opportunity to share our experience and accolades with you. Contact us today at 336-891-2249 to request your free quote and enjoy quality power washing.

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